Studies in cell biology in the Division of Biological Sciences emphasize both basic science and disease-related studies and encompass a wide variety of disciplines: from genetics and genomics to biochemistry and neurobiology. Research is concerned with cell structure as well as how cells function in the context of different tissues in various organisms. Using mammalian cells, yeast, fruit flies, transgenic mice, fish, and plants, faculty are investigating mechanisms of DNA replication, intracellular trafficking, cellular signaling, neuron structure and function, gene silencing, control of the cell cycle, and more.


Professor of Biological Sciences and Plant Sciences

Genetic control of carbon partitioning in plants

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Molecular basis for polar growth in Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Professor of Veterinary Pathobiology

Generation and characterization of animal models to study genetics and disease

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Mechanisms of cell-cell communication during development and tumor progression

Professor of Biological Sciences

Mechanisms regulating neuronal development and physiology in vertebrates

Professor of Biological Sciences

Signaling and activity of skeletal muscle satellite cells

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Molecular and cellular control of nerve development and disease

Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health

Ovarian reserve formation, maintenance, and its associated ovarian dysfunction and diseases

Professor of Radiology and Biological Sciences

The goal of the Lin Brain Lab is to develop precision health approaches to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia.

Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professor and Professor of Biological Sciences; Director of the Molecular Cytology Core

Morphology and immunocytochemistry of mucosal epithelial cells

Assistant Professor

Circuit stability, energetics, plasticity, and respiratory physiology

Associate Professor of Ob, Gyn, and Women’s Health

Mechanisms by which maternal physiology influences development of placenta.

Curators’ Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Molecular mechanisms regulating cellular signaling in plants

Professor of Biological Sciences

Genetic dissection of synaptic plasticity, neural circuitry, and behavior in fruit flies