Dr. Lei Lei

Dr. Lei Lei
Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health
500 N Keene St, Suite 405

PhD, Physiology (Reproductive Endocrinology), College of Biological Sciences, Beijing 

BS, Biology, China Agricultural University, Beijing  

Research Summary

Ovarian reserve formation, maintenance, and its associated ovarian dysfunction and diseases

Research Description

Dr. Lei’s research focuses on ovarian reserve formation, maintenance, and its associated ovarian dysfunction and diseases. Our previous studies revealed that during ovarian reserve formation in mouse fetal ovaries, oocytes differentiate via intercellular transport of organelle & cytoplasm among interconnected sister germ cells. In the differentiated oocyte, enriched organelles organize into a Balbiani body (B-body). The B-body is involved in ovarian reserve maintenance in adult ovaries through RNA storage and translational regulation. Currently, we are investigating, in mice and humans, how disrupted ovarian reserve formation and maintenance cause defects in ovarian function and health, and cellular origins and microenvironment of ovarian cancer. The long-term goal of our research is to decipher genetic and environmental factor-caused ovarian dysfunction and diseases and to develop novel medical solutions for early detection and prevention of ovarian diseases. 

Awards and Honors

MAVEN Senior Scientist, 2020
Beattie Awards in Stem Cell Biology, 2017
IDEA Stem Cell Award, 2016
Young Investigators Achievement Award, Jones Foundation for Reproductive Medicine, 2016

Selected Publications

See NCBI for a list of Dr. Lei's publications.