Dr. Elizabeth King

Elizabeth King
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
401 Tucker Hall

PhD, 2010 University of California-Riverside

Research Summary

Genomic approaches to the study of life history evolution

Research Description

The goal of research in my lab is to explain the diversity of life history strategies among organisms. Why do some organisms live for many years while others only live for weeks or months? Why do some organisms produce very large offspring while others produce tiny young? We use genomic and quantitative techniques to understand the genetic basis of these life history strategies and how different strategies evolve. We primarily, though not exclusively, use insect model systems for our research.

Awards and Honors

Associate Professor of the Year Award, College of Arts and Science, MU 2022

Postdoctoral Mentor Award, MU Postdoctoral Association, 2021

Dr. Abraham Eisenstark Faculty Fellowship Awards in Biological Sciences 2020

Mr. & Mrs. Shouson & Yunying-Kou Jen Junior Faculty Research Award in Biology 2019

Provost’s Outstanding Junior Faculty Research and Creative Activity Award 2018

Selected Publications

See Google Scholar for a list of Dr. King's publications.