Martin lauded as caring, excellent advisor

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Mizzou Biology

The Division congratulates Carol Martin on receiving the Blue Chalk Award for excellence in academic advising from the College of Arts and Science Student Council. 

Sophomore Jordan Schafer, Student Council President Cassie Marks, and Associate Dean Nicole Monnier surprised Martin with the award during a weekly Zoom meeting of biology staff. 

“I had no idea this was going to happen,” said Martin, who is a professional advisor in the Division and also leads our department’s Undergraduate Advising Office. “It is really special when a student tells you that you have made a difference in their lives. That is what we all strive to do whether it is in teaching or advising, and I really do love working with students”

On the Zoom meeting, Schafer read the letter he wrote nominating Martin for the award. In it, he shared how Martin has had an impact on his academic career from his very first visit to campus. “When I got to Mizzou and met with Carol, I couldn’t have been more pleased with her approach to class scheduling/graduation plans. As I walked out of that meeting with her, my mom and I had no need to exchange words, but rather we both looked at each other in affirmation that Mizzou would be the place I would call home for the next four years, and this decision was based solely on our interaction with Carol.”

Thanks to Martin’s continuing support and advice, Schafer said, he has been able to experience all that Mizzou has to offer. “As a sophomore at the University of Missouri, I have experienced more opportunities in the last three semesters than the many years that preceded my enrollment at the university, and I owe much to Carol Martin.”

Schafer also thanked Martin for being an anchor for him and other students through this turbulent semester. “This semester has been one of ups and downs at Mizzou, but one of the things that I can always count on is Carol. I can’t think of a time where I met with her that I was not greeted with a smile, and a “how are you doing?” While this may seem small, I find that many people do not recognize the true impact that COVID-19 has had upon so many students, faculty, and staff, but Carol does. Her kindred spirit in such a time is not only appreciated by myself, but my peers as well.”

What makes Martin special and deserving of this award, said Schafer, is that “she is not only an excellent advisor, but an even better person, and for that I am grateful.” 

David Schulz, director of the Division, said this was a well-deserved recognition for Martin’s excellent work on behalf of our students. “Needless to say, when one is recognized for their efforts it is always appreciated, but when the recognition comes from a student – and you have the chance to personally hear how you’ve impacted their life – it is something else altogether. What a terrific way to end the semester.”

The Blue Chalk Awards stand as some of the oldest forms of recognition for exemplary academic advising at MU. They allow the College of Arts and Science to highlight and publicly acknowledge its advisers who truly exhibit an investment in student development and success.