Mizzou and DBS offer a variety of resources to aid with graduate student success. Below are resources commonly used by DBS graduate students. It is not an exhaustive list, but great places to start.

Division of Biological Sciences Resources

Graduate Education Committee Members (AY23-24)
DBS Forms
DBS Rooms

Dr. Manuel Leal, Director of Graduate Studies
Office: 209 Tucker Hall

DBS Graduate Education Office
Tucker Hall, Room 218

DBS Graduate Student Lounge 
Tucker Hall, Room 217 (Email for code)

DBS Family Room/Lactation Room 
Tucker Hall, Room 110A

DBS Reading Library
Tucker Hall, Room 110B

DBS Breakroom
Tucker Hall, Room 8A

DBS Mailroom
Every DBS graduate student has a mailbox in Tucker Hall Room 116. Students who are in labs in other buildings (e.g., Lefevre Hall or Bond LSC) may or may not have a secondary mailbox in that building. Packages delivered to Tucker Hall are placed in Room 116.

DBS Copy Rooms
Tucker Hall Room 116 and Third Floor and Lefevre Hall Room 114. These copy machines cannot be used with Print Smart. Teaching Assistants, however, can use these machines to make copies for classes. The instructor should know the copy code to use for the class.

DBS-controlled Conference Rooms that can be reserved for office hours, lab meetings, dissertation defenses, etc.:

  • Tucker Hall Room 111 
  • Tucker Hall Room 218A
  • Tucker Hall Room 322
  • Tucker Hall Room 421
  • Lefevre Hall Room 200

DBS Conference Room Online Calendar (login required)

DBS Conference Room Request Form (login required)

Accessible Bathrooms
Tucker Hall, 1st Floor 
Lefevre Hall, 1st and 2nd Floors

All Gender Bathrooms
Tucker Hall, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Floors 

Campus Resources

Health and Wellness Resources

Student Affairs Care Team 

Student Medical Insurance

Anthem Student Advantage

Student Recreation Center | 1000 Rollins Street

Wellness Center | G202 Student Center

Counseling Center | 119 Parker Hall

Student Health Center | 1020 Hitt St, 4th Floor

Mizzou Urgent Care | 3916 S. Providence Road

Mizzou Quick Care Clinics | located inside Hy-Vee Stores

Allergy Shots | By appointment only

Immunizations – Req’d for registration

Financial Resources
Socio-Cultural Resources

International Center | N52 Memorial Union

Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center | 813 Virginia Ave

LGBTQ Resource Center | G225 Student Center

Multicultural Center  |G107 Student Center

Women’s Center | G108 Student Center

Academic Resources

University Libraries - Graduate Student Resources

Disability Center | S5 Memorial Union

MU Writing Center | 100 Student Success Center

MU Grads Write – writing support program

Resources for Students with Children

Women's Center Family Room | G108 Student Center

Lactation Rooms -- 110 Tucker Hall and 1st Floor Bond LSC; other locations

ParentLink | FB @parentlink

Family Fun Fests, sponsored by MU ParentLink
third Wednesday of the month in the summer, May- Sep

Family Impact Center | @MUfamilyimpact
105 E Ash Street, Suite 200

Community resources

Campus Research Conferences/Meetings

Show Me Research Week

Annual Interdisciplinary Plant Group Symposium

MU Plant Research Symposium

Plant Talks - informal seminar series hosted by graduate students and postdocs in the IPG (contact or for more info)

Travel Awards/Scholarships

DBS Travel Award

Ongoing, submit no later than 1 month prior to travel

Dr. Philip and Betty Jen Neuroscience Student Travel Award Fund
Ongoing, submit no later than 1 month prior to travel

Carl Gerhardt and Dayna Glanz Travel Fund in Biology  – Ongoing, submit no later than 1 month prior to travel

MU Professional Presentation Travel Scholarship
Deadlines: 2nd Monday in September and March

Dissertation Research Travel Scholarship
Deadlines: 2nd Monday in September and March

John D. Bies International Travel Scholarships
Deadlines: 2nd Monday in September and March

Graduate Professional Council – Conference Presentation and Professional Development Travel Awards
Three application deadlines per year

Douglas D. Randall Young Scientists Development Fund
Deadlines: 2nd Monday in September and 2nd Monday in April

Trans World Airlines Scholarship
Deadline: April (for exact date, see website)

Outreach Resources

The Connector | @UMConnector

Science on Wheels | @SoWMissouri (current DBS graduate students who are on the leadership team)

Science on Tap Columbia

3 Minute Thesis


Manuel Leal
Professor of Biological Sciences
Director of Graduate Studies
(573) 882-1360