Minor in Biology

Students may obtain an undergraduate minor in biological sciences by taking 15 hours of coursework from the Division of Biological Sciences.

  • 5 hours of introductory biology (BIO_SC 1500 or BIO_SC 1200) and
  • at least 10 hours of additional coursework in Biological Sciences in courses numbered 2000 or higher. You must include in those additional ten hours at least one course from at least two of the following four fields:
  1. Genetics 2200 (4 hrs)
  2. Cell Biology 2300 (4 hrs)
  3. Evolution and Ecology 3400 (3 hrs) or Evolution 4600 (3 hrs)
  4. Biological Diversity [Medical Microbiology M3200 (4 hr); Ornithology FW2600 (5 hr, lab); Ichthyology FW2700 (4 hr, lab); Plant Systematics 3210 (4 hr, lab); Invertebrate Zoology 3260 (4 hr, lab); Mammalogy FW3660 (4 hr, lab); Introductory Entomology 3710/3715 (5 hr, lab); General Microbiology 3750 (3 hr), General Microbiology Lab 3760 (2 hr) – must be taken with Bio 3750 or M3200 as pre- or co-req)] 

Courses in internship, independent readings, problems, or research in Biological Sciences (e.g., 2940, 2960/2965H, 4085, 4950/4952) and Biology 2060 and 2100 may not be used in the Minor. Microb 3200 may not be used to satisfy the laboratory course requirement. 

In addition, students must complete: 

  • at least one course in the Minor numbered 2000 or higher with a laboratory or field component 
  • all courses in the Minor with a grade of C- or higher, with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in the Minor. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading option is not available. 
  • at least nine of the 15 credit hours in the Minor in residence at MU.

Application Process

  • Download, save, and complete the Minor in Biological Sciences Form.
  • Email the completed form to Carol Martin, MartinC@missouri.edu, for approval.
  • She will electronically submit the form to the College of Arts and Science and copy you on that submission email.



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