Degree Requirements

We offer a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Science (BS) with a major in Biological Sciences in addition to an optional Emphasis in Medical Science and Human Biology for the BS degree. All three degrees prepare students for graduate study, professional schools, or direct entry into the workplace. The BS with an Emphasis in Medical Science and Human Biology is tailored for students pursuing entry into professional programs, including medical school, dental school, physician assistant programs, and vet school, among others. 

While all three degree programs require general education courses in behavioral sciences, social sciences, and the humanities, students can specialize their curriculum through their course selections.  

The main difference between the BS degree and the BA degree is that the BS degree requires more credit hours in biology, chemistry, physics, and math than the BA degree.

  • The curriculum for the BS degree has the option of completing a second language sequence or substituting one of two tracks (Environmental and Conservation Biology or Medicine, Health & Society) for the second language requirement.
  • The second language requirement for the BA degree can be met by completing 12 credit hours of one second language in college or waived by completing four units of a single second language in high school or by proving competence in another language.   

Degree Worksheets

The prescribed work requirements for each degree are identified in the following degree worksheets.