Frederick vom Saal

Frederick vom Saal
Curators’ Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences

PhD, 1976 Rutgers University

Research Summary

Effects of estrogenic endocrine disrupting chemicals on fetal development

Research Description

Research in my laboratory concerns the effects on fetal development of endogenous sex hormones, naturally occurring estrogenic chemicals in food, (such as phytoestrogens in soy), and estrogenic manmade chemicals in consumer products (such as bisphenol A in plastic). We collect fetal mouse reproductive tissues and use primary mouse and human cell culture to investigate cellular mechanisms that mediate responses to hormones and other chemicals. We have confirm observations from in vivo experiments using mice. An important aspect of this research is that we use a physiologically based approach to determine the doses of chemicals that we examine. This approach has led to findings that fetal tissues are extremely sensitive to much lower doses of endogenous estradiol and manmade estrogenic chemicals than had previously been appreciated.

Awards and Honors

Environmental Health Hero Award, CleanMed Association 2010

University of Missouri Alumni Association Faculty Award 2010

Heinz Foundation Award in Environmental Science 2010

Faculty Award, Mizzou Alumni Association 2009

Mystical Seven Honor Society 2008

Curators’ Professor-University of Missouri 2007

Upstream Award - Jennifer Altman Foundation 2006

Millennium Award - Indian Institute for Sustainable Future 2001

Elected Fellow - AAAS 1999

Elected Honorary Member - Italian Academy of Science 1990

Selected Publications

See Google Scholar for a list of Dr. vom Saal's publications.

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