Dr. Amanda Durbak

Amanda Durbak
Associate Teaching Professor of Biological Sciences
115b Tucker Hall

PhD, 2010 University of Arizona


My research experience in plant molecular genetics and development has led to an interest in teaching genetics and cell biology. Genetics and cell biology are two foundational courses in the study of biology, critical for understanding and performing more advanced work in many other areas. However, whether teaching genetics, cell biology, or General Biology for non-majors, my main concerns in any class are to teach students how to think critically and to promote a genuine interest and understanding of why science is important! Science is an essential component to our everyday lives, whether realized or not, and my goal for each class is to have my students finish the course with not only a better understanding of how the natural world works, but also the ability to communicate that knowledge with other scientists, and more importantly the world at large.

Awards and Honors

Maxine Christopher Shutz Award and Lecture for Distinguished Teaching 2024

Dr. Abraham Eisenstark Faculty Fellowship Award in Biological Sciences 2021

Provost's Outstanding Junior Faculty Teaching Award 2018

Selected Publications