Marking Dr. Tom Phillips' Legacy

The career of Dr. Tom Phillips was recognized at a reception in May co-hosted by the Division of Biological Sciences and the Office of Research, Innovation, and Impact. At the reception, it was announced that MU’s Advanced Light Microscopy (ALM) Core will be re-named the Thomas E. Phillips Light Microscopy Facility. The facility’s new sign was unveiled at the reception.

Dr. Phillips founded and established the core in 1991 and served continuously as its Director until 2022. The facility is a resource for all types of light microscopy, immunocytochemistry, and general scientific image analysis and processing. Under his leadership, the research core has trained hundreds of students, postdocs, and faculty in the science and art of this key tool of modern biology. It is one of the most widely used of MU’s sixteen core facilities and has been a crown jewel in the campus research arsenal for over 32 years.

“Dr. Phillips has made many distinguished, and long-lasting contributions to the mission of the University of Missouri. As his legacy is cemented and ongoing, so will the naming of this facility in his honor be a continuing reminder of the dedication Dr. Phillips showed to MU,” said Dr. David Schulz.

Phillips was also presented with an antique brass microscope with a plaque affixed to it that reads, “For invaluable contributions to the University of Missouri, we name the Thomas E. Phillips Light Microscopy Facility in his honor.”

DBS faculty honor their colleague. (L-R) Drs. Manuel Leal, Anand Chandrasekhar, Caroline Grunenwald, Patrick Shin, Pam Brown, Bing Zhang, Libby King, John Walker, Tom Phillips, David Setzer, Gerry Summers, David Schulz, Mannie Liscum, John David, Kathy Newton, Johannes Schul, Sarah Bush, Carl Gerhardt, Sen Xu, Jim Birchler, Fred Vom Seal