Nik Bueschke receives APS Research Recognition Award

The Comparative & Evolutionary Physiology section of the American Physiological Society selected Nikolaus Bueschke for a 2024 Research Recognition Award, which acknowledges outstanding research by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who present a first-author abstract at the Physiological Society Summit.

Bueschke is in the second year of his graduate studies in the lab of Dr. Joe Santin. His research explores how the American bullfrog copes with the massive physiological and metabolic changes to its brain brought on by hibernation. He is specifically looking at the synapses in the forebrain to determine if this amazing example of neural plasticity is localized to a particular region of the brain or is happening system-wide.

Bueschke will receive a certificate of recognition, a cash award, and reimbursement on the registration fee to attend the Summit in April.  

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