Discovering Molecular Features of the Gut-Brain Axis and Its Applications

Monsanto Auditorium and Zoom

How do we regulate our metabolism? In what way do our genes and behaviors function together to sustain internal homeostasis in the face of ever-changing environments? And how does this balance go awry, leading to diseases of the brain and the body? The Srinivasan Lab tackles these age-old questions with modern molecular and genetic tools. Our approach centers on the discovery of new modes of communication between the brain and the gut, two organs with profound sensory and metabolic functions. We wish to uncover new features and fundamental principles of the gut-brain axis, and to apply these discoveries towards new treatment paths for diseases that originate in the nervous system and in the gut. Our experiments are conducted in three model systems: C. elegans, mice and human cells.  

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Speaker Information

Dr. Supriya Srinivasan
Associate Professor
Department of Neuroscience
Scripps Research

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