Conservation genetics of human conflict in the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)

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Human-Elephant-Conflict in Bago Yoma, Myanmar

In the Bago Yoma region of Myanmar, we evaluate the impact of direct human-conflict in this high density area of humans and elephants. Here elephants are heavily impacted by the developing skin trade, and condensed populations are frequently raiding local farms for crops. We determined the overall population structure, and gained demographic insights as to what defines a crop-raider.

Elephant Habitat Loss in the Nakai Plateau, Laos

In the Nakai Plateau elephant population of Laos, we compare and contrast the diversity and demography of a population of high conservation value before and after the construction of a hydroelectric dam. Overall, we found a seasonally shifting population, unique from the previous occupants of the plateau.

Patterns of Range wide Genetic Diversity and Distinction in the Asian Elephant 

Genetic data from across the range of the species is used to identify hotspots of genetic diversity despite genetic marker bias, a problem frequently encountered in conservation genetic studies. We also evaluate evolutionary distinctiveness in Asian elephants, highlighting the importance of certain populations for conservation of this iconic species. 


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Kris Budd
Ph.D. Candidate - Eggert Lab
Division of Biological Sciences
University of Missouri