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Douglas Gayou

Teaching Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
PhD, 1984 University of Missouri

Office: 212 Stewart Hall
Phone: 573-882-3450
Headshot of Douglas Gayou


Teaching summary

Teaches and researches learning in introductory level undergraduate science courses

Teaching description

Information not available

Select Publications

Select Publications

Douglas C. Gayou. 1995. Green Jay (Cyanocorax yncas) In The Birds of North America, o. 187 (A. Poole, and F. Gill, eds.). The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, and The American Ornithologist’s Union, Washington D.C.

Douglas C. Gayou. 1986. The social system of the Texas Green Jay. Auk 103: 540-547.

Sexton, O. J., J. Bizer, D. C. Gayou, P. Freiling and M. Moutseous. 1986. Field Studies of breeding Spotted Salamanders, Ambystoma maculatum in eastern Misouri, USA. Milwaukee Public Museum Contrib. Biol. Geol., 67: 1-19.

Douglas C. Gayou. 1985. Body weights of south Texas Green Jays (Cyanocorax yncas). Bull. Texas Ornith. Soc. 18(1&2): 30-31.

Douglas C. Gayou. 1984. Effects of temperature on the mating call of Hyla versicolor. Copeia 1984: 733- 738.

Douglas C. Gayou. 1982. Tool use by Green Jays. Wilson Bull. 94: 595-596.

Honors & Awards

Selected honors and awards

UMC Disability Services Champion Faculty 2013

Arts & Science Purple Chalk Award for Excellence in Teaching 1996

Beta Theta Pi Science Teacher of the Year 1995