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Lorin Milescu

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
PhD, 2003 SUNY Buffalo, NY

Office: 204 Lefevre Hall
Phone: 573-882-2870
Additional: Website
Headshot of Lorin Milescu


Research summary

Biophysics and neurophysiology of voltage gated ion channels; neuronal firing mechanisms; neurobiology of respiration

Research description

We investigate how voltage-gated ion channels determine the firing activity of individual neurons, and how neurons interact to generate distinct network behaviors. We address these questions in a brain slice preparation containing the pre-Bötzinger respiratory pacemaker, using patch-clamp electrophysiology, multiphoton imaging, real-time biological-computational models, maximum likelihood algorithms, and software development.

Select Publications

Select Publications

Navarro, M.A., Milescu, L.S., Milescu, M. Unlocking the gating mechanism of Kv2.1 using guangxitoxin (2019) Journal of General Physiology, 151 (3), pp. 275-278. DOI: 10.1085/jgp.201812254

Adams, C., Anthony Defazio, R., Christian, C.A., Milescu, L.S., Schnell, S., Moenter, S.M. Changes in both neuron intrinsic properties and neurotransmission are needed to drive the increase in gnrh neuron firing rate during estradiol-positive feedback (2019) Journal of Neuroscience, 39 (11), pp. 2091-2101. DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2880-18.2019

Mishra A, Salari A, Berigan BR, Miguel KC, Amirshenava M, Robinson A, Zars BC, Lin JL, Milescu LS*, Milescu M*, and Zars T*. (2018) The Drosophila GR28B-d product is a non-specific cation channel that can be used as a novel thermogenetic tool. Scientific Reports 8(1): 901. (*Co-corresponding authors)

Navarro MA, Salari A, Milescu M, Milescu LS. (2018). Estimating kinetic mechanisms with prior knowledge II: Behavioral constraints and numerical tests. J. Gen. Physiol., DOI: 10.1085/jgp.201711912

Salari A, Navarro MA, Milescu M, Milescu LS. (2018) Estimating kinetic mechanisms with prior knowledge I: Linear parameter constraints. J. Gen. Physiol., DOI: 10.1085/jgp.201711911

Strege PR, Knutson K, Eggers SJ, Li JH, Wang F, Linden D, Szurszewski JH, Milescu L, Leiter AB, Farrugia G, and Beyder A (2017) Sodium channel NaV 1.3 is important for enterochromaffin cell excitability and serotonin release. Scientific Reports 6: 23894.

Salari A, Navarro MA, and Milescu LS (2016) Modeling the Kinetic Mechanisms of Voltage-Gated Ion Channels. In: A. Korngreen (ed) Patch-Clamp Analysis: Advanced Techniques (pp. 267-304), NY: Springer.

Salari A, Vega BS, Milescu LS, Milescu M. (2016) Molecular interactions between tarantula toxins and low-voltage-activated calcium channels. Scientific Reports, 6, art. no. 23894,

Milescu L.S. (2015) A stochastic relationship. Biophysical Journal, 108: 225-227.

Navarro MA, Hibbard JVK, Miller ME, Nivin TW, and Milescu LS (2015) 3D data mapping and real-time experiment control and visualization in brain slices. Biophys J. 109:1521-1527.

Tabak J, Tomaiuolo M, Gonzalez-Iglesias AE, Milescu LS, Bertram R (2011) Fast activating voltage- and calcium-dependent potassium (BK) conductance promotes bursting in pituitary cells: a dynamic clamp study. J. Neurosci. 31:16855-16863.

Milescu LS, Yamanishi T, Ptak K, and Smith JC (2010) Kinetic properties and functional dynamics of sodium channels during repetitive spiking in a slow pacemaker neuron. J Neurosci 30:12113-27.

Milescu LS, Bean BP, and Smith JC (2010) Isolation of somatic Na+ currents by selective inactivation of axonal channels with a voltage prepulse. J Neurosci 30:7740-8.