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Troy Zars

Professor of Biological Sciences
PhD, 1997 University of Notre Dame

Office: 219 Lefevre Hall
Phone: 573-882-7247
Headshot of Troy Zars


Research summary

Mechanisms of learning and memory in fruit fly

Research description

Troy D. Zars, Professor of Biological Sciences, passed away on December 27, 2018, following a battle with cancer.

Inquiries can be directed to

Division mourns death, remembers life of Troy D. Zars

Select Publications

Select Publications

Williams-Simon, P.A., Posey, C., Mitchell, S., Ng'oma, E., Mrkvicka, J.A., Zars, T., King, E.G. Multiple genetic loci affect place learning and memory performance in Drosophila melanogaster (2019) Genes, Brain and Behavior, . DOI: 10.1111/gbb.12581

Ostrowski, D., A. Salari, M. Zars, and T. Zars. (2018) A biphasic response to acute unsignaled high temperature exposure in Drosophila. PLoS ONE, in press.

Ostrowski, D., Salari, A., Zars, M., Zars, T. A biphasic locomotor response to acute unsignaled high temperature exposure in Drosophila (2018) PLoS ONE, 13 (6), art. no. e0198702, . DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0198702

Mishra, A*, A. Salari*, B.R. Berigan*, K.C. Miguel, M. Amirsheneva, A. Robinson, B.C. Zars, J.L. Lin, L.S. Milescu#, M. Milescu#, and T. Zars#. (2018) The Drosophila Gr28bD product is a non-specific cation channel that can be used as a novel thermogenetic tool. Scientific Reports. 8, 901.

Baggett, V., A. Mishra, A.L. Kehrer, A.O. Robinson, P. Shaw, and T. Zars. (2018) Place learning overrides innate behaviors in Drosophila. Learning and Memory. 25, 122-128.

Mishra, A. and T. Zars. (2018) Sex: The end is all you need. Current Biology. 28, R614-616.

LaFerriere, H, and T. Zars. (2017) The Drosophila melanogaster tribbles pseudokinase is necessary for proper memory formation. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. 144, 68-76.

Zars, T. Working Memory: It's a Gas, Gas, Gas (2017) Current Biology, 27 (5), R179-R181.

Sitaraman, D., E.F. Kramer, L. Kahsai, D. Ostrowski, and T. Zars. (2017) Discrete serotonin systems mediate memory enhancement and escape latencies after unpredicted aversive experience in Drosophila place memory. Front. Syst. Neurosci. 11, 92.

Honors & Awards

Selected honors and awards

Zars, T. (2017) Visual working memory: It’s a gas, gas, gas. Current Biology. 27, R179-181. 2017

Richard Wallace Alumni Research Award 2012