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Lorin Milescu

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
PhD, 2003 SUNY Buffalo, NY

Office: 204 Lefevre Hall
Phone: 573-882-2870
Additional: Website
Headshot of Lorin Milescu


Research summary

Biophysics and neurophysiology of voltage gated ion channels; neuronal firing mechanisms; neurobiology of respiration

Research description

We investigate how voltage-gated ion channels determine the firing activity of individual neurons, and how neurons interact to generate distinct network behaviors. We address these questions in a brain slice preparation containing the pre-Bötzinger respiratory pacemaker, using patch-clamp electrophysiology, multiphoton imaging, real-time biological-computational models, maximum likelihood algorithms, and software development.

Select Publications

Select Publications

Salari, A., Navarro, M. A., and Milescu, L. S. 2016. Modeling the kinetic mechanisms of voltage-gated ion channels. Neuromethods 113:267-304.

Salari, A., Vega, B.S., Milescu, L.S., Milescu, M. Molecular interactions between tarantula toxins and low-voltage-activated calcium channels. (2016) Scientific Reports, 6, art. no. 23894,

Milescu, L.S., 2015. A stochastic relationship. Biophysical Journal, 108: 225-227.

Tabak, J., M. Tomaiuolo, A.E. Gonzalez-Iglesias, L.S. Milescu, R. Bertram. 2011. Fastactivating voltage- and calcium-dependent potassium (BK) conductance promotes bursting in pituitary cells: a dynamic clamp study. J. Neurosci. 31:16855-16863.

Milescu LS, Yamanishi T, Ptak K, and Smith JC (2010) Kinetic properties and functional dynamics of sodium channels during repetitive spiking in a slow pacemaker neuron. J Neurosci 30:12113-27.

Milescu LS, Bean BP, and Smith JC (2010) Isolation of somatic Na+ currents by selective inactivation of axonal channels with a voltage prepulse. J Neurosci 30:7740-8.