Billy Cumbie

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Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences

PhD, 1960 University of Texas

Research Summary

Biology of grasses

Research Description

The most intensive studies on the origin and developmental changes have been made on conifers. There have been few comprehensive studies on the dicotyledons, and these have been done on trees. A series of studies on the origin and developmental changes in the vascular cambium in herbaceous dicotyledons was initiated in the Cumbie laboratory. Studies were published on Hibiscus, Leitneria, Apocynum, Canaralia, Polygonum, and Aeschynomene. The lab also investigated a variety of herbaceous dicots, including Salvia, Besleria, Bonplandia, and Parthenocissus.

The Cumbie lab also conducted experimental studies on cambial development in Hibiscus, including the effect of isolation of the cambium in bark strips and the effect of certain growth inhibitors (e.g., morphactin), as well as developmental changes in the secondary xylem in families of dicotyledons

Selected Publications