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Undergrads Honored at 2012 Recognition Banquet

April 30, 2012

Columbia, Mo – At an evening ceremony on Sunday, April 29, 2012, a host of undergraduate students were recognized for their academic accomplishments. Professors David Setzer, Gerald Summers, and Thomas Phillips hosted the ceremony.

Forty students received Honors Distinction. The honor is awarded to graduating seniors who have completed a year-long research project under the supervision of a faculty mentor and have presented their research at a public forum or in the form of a scientific publication, while also maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher. The students were presented with a certificate and an Honors cord. Honors cords are worn over graduation regalia during the commencement ceremony and distinguish students who are graduating with honorary distinction for their scholastic accomplishments. This year’s students graduating with Honors Distinction are

  • Brennan Berwald
  • Nicholas B. Bratten
  • Crystal Buerke
  • Leslie Anita Chiang
  • Asim Choudhary
  • Chris Collins
  • Derick Davis
  • Jenna Diaz
  • April Diebold
  • Samuel P. DuMontier
  • Andrew J. Dunn
  • Victoria Engel
  • David Herrick
  • Navneet Hundal
  • Kassie Hyde
  • Safwan Hyder
  • Tyler Johnson
  • Kevin Kaiser
  • Maxwell Leslie
  • Michael Matson
  • Kelsey Mescher
  • Nathan Metzger
  • Emily Milford
  • Arwa Mohammad
  • Brittany Muller
  • Juveria Nayeem
  • Jessica Philbrick
  • Amanda Prasuhn
  • Shanna Saunders
  • Allison Schell
  • Robert Schroell
  • Jared Sinclair
  • Brett Spatola
  • Caitlin Swatek
  • Angelina Taylor
  • Joshua Thompson
  • Alexandra van Oyen
  • Lauren Vince
  • Nikki West
  • Mary Wetz

Allison Huangs and Josh Robinson were inducted into Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) National Biological Honor Society. TriBeta, founded in 1922, is dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. Tom Andrews and Jacob Taylor, president and vice president, respectively, of the Pi Eta Chapter of TriBeta, presented the two inductees with certificates and red and green TriBeta cords to be worn over their graduation regalia at commencement. Andrews also presented Joel Maruniak, associate professor in the Division of Biological Sciences, with the Chapter’s Osage Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Twelve undergraduates in the Division of Biological Sciences were recognized at the ceremony for being selected for six endowed scholarships from the College of Arts & Sciences. Tom Phillips presented each student with a certificate of recognition signed by Michael O’Brien, dean of the College of Arts & Science, and John Walker, director of the Division of Biological Sciences. The  students recognized with Arts & Science Awards are Amanda Hunt, Brad Spence, and Michelle Tang for receipt of the Thomas T. Strange Scholarship; Jordan Bartlebaugh for receipt of the Ralph K. and Maxine J. Hibbs Scholarship; Katie Benthall, Brian Jochems, and Jacob Taylor for receipt of the Quadrangle Scholarship; Drake Duckworth for receipt of the Armon K. Yanders Scholarship; Seung Ah Lee, Shafi Lodhi, and Katie Seitz for receipt of the Ruth Earline Taylor Allen Scholarship; and Whitney Snyders for receipt of the Richard N. DeShon Scholarship.

Each year, the Division also identifies select students for recognition with one of the “Outstanding Senior in Biological Sciences” awards. These awards include the John I. Hardy Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award, Laura Nahm Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award, Clarence Clinton Crouch Outstanding Undergraduate Award, and the Herbert and Jeanette Fisher Endowment for Genetics Research in Biological Sciences. This year’s recipients are Leslie Farmer, Melanie Mason, April Diebold, Elena Di Miceli, Leslie Chiang, Meredith Kunzeman, Kassie Hyde, Emily Milford, and Amanda Prasuhn. Recipients of the department’s Blackburn-Hesemann Scholarship also were recognized. This year’s recipients are Bethelhem Negash, Laprichianna Tabron, and Andrea Wilson. Each recipient received a plaque from the Division.

Carol Martin, coordinator of student services for the Division of Biological Sciences, recognized the accomplishments of three graduating peer advisors during the ceremony. Peer advisors work in the Division’s Undergraduate Advising Office and provide incoming freshmen students advice and strategies for academic success. The three graduating peer advisors are Elena Di Miceli, Ellie Koehly, and Melanie Mason.


Written by: Melody Kroll

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