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Advising Shout Out to Jordan Parshall

Feb. 16, 2018

Jordan Parshall

Jordan Parshall, a professional advisor in the Division of Biological Sciences, is the recipient of a 2018 Advising Shout Out Award.

The student-nominated award, which is given by MU’s Advisors Forum, recognizes undergraduate advisors for the impact they make on students’ lives.

“It means a lot to be nominated by a student for an advising award because students are exactly why I wanted to become an academic advisor,” says Parshall, who has been with the Division since 2014. “I get to work with some of the smartest, funniest, and most thoughtful students on our campus. And to know that some of my students think highly of me is a really special type of recognition, and it just reinforces that I’m in the right spot.”

Samantha Phillips, a junior majoring in biological sciences, nominated Parshall for the award. She characterized Parshall’s advising as “outstanding” and praised her personalized approach to advising.

“She is an ally to every person, and genuinely cares to help each individual to the very best of her ability. She is wholesome and well-rounded, and encourages the students she advises to reach their goals, whatever they may be,” wrote Phillips. “Jordan is an innovator and a problem-solver. She works to come up with new and better ways to reach her target audience as they can best receive the information, tailors her work to the kind of information that such target students care most about, and is always on the forefront of finding new ways to benefit students.”

For Parshall, the advising relationship is a two-way street. “Every interaction is different, and I think both students and advisors get the chance to grow with each meeting. I know I do.”

Recipients of the MU Shout Out Award receive a gift card and are recognized at a meeting of all campus advisors. Recipients also sign a traveling Advising Shout Out megaphone, which is kept in their office until the next award is presented.

Parshall is the third person from the Division to receive the Advising Shout Out Award. The award was won by Professor David Setzer in 2014, by Professor J. Chris Pires in 2013, and by Carol Martin in 2012.


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