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Peer Advisors

In an effort to help our students transition to a large campus and feel welcome, the Division of Biological Sciences created its Peer Advising Program. All incoming freshman are assigned a peer advisor. These upper-level biology majors provide a student-centered perspective on a Mizzou education by offering valuable and friendly information on study strategies, choosing electives, volunteer opportunities, job shadowing, campus involvement, and more.

“Our peer advisors are the ‘best and the brightest’ among our majors,” said Carol Martin, who directs the Division’s Undergraduate Advising Office. “These talented students are great at encouraging freshmen to work hard, to talk to their professors, and to search out volunteer opportunities. They can offer tips on how to become a successful science student from a fellow-student’s perspective.”

Meet our 2016-2017 Peer Advisors

young man with short blond curly hair wearing a black polo shirtRiley Harrell

Year in School: Senior
Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Classical Humanities
Hometown: San Antonio, TX

I have spent a good amount of time in Phoenix, Arizona, so I really enjoy the hot, dry weather. I have yet to get used to the amount of rain and snow Missouri gets in the winter and spring. I am a huge “people person.” I really love interacting with and getting to know the people around me. I think almost everyone has an awesome story to tell. I was in sixth grade when I first knew I wanted to have a career as a physician. I had undergone some procedures, and since then there has been nothing else that I have wanted to do than become a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. However, now that I am a junior in my undergrad, I am beginning to see all the wonderful professions that this major has to offer! Outside of academia, I tutor some of the local high school students around Columbia, and I love traveling. I am currently working on a road trip what would take me through the entire southwestern United States. I am looking forward to having a fantastic year with you all and cannot wait to get to know you better? Stop by and say hi!

young woman with blond hair pulled back in pony tail, dark rimmed eyeglasses, black polo shirtDanielle Koerner

Year in School: Senior
Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Mathematics
Hometown: Bentonville, AR

In high school, I was very interested in any science or math classes available. Participating in the Pre-Med Institute at WashU my sophomore year solidified my pre-existing desire to be a doctor, specifically a cardiothoracic surgeon. I decided to pursue my passion at Mizzou based on the University Hospital volunteer program and involvement in the Honors College. In addition to being a Peer Advisor, I stay busy with many other opportunities. I work in two labs, serve as the Volunteer Chair of the Honors Pre-Med Scholars Club, volunteer in the ER at University Hospital, shadow at Barnes Hospital in the OR, tutor students in various subjects, present scientific conventions for young students annually, and work on studying for the MCAT! In my free time, I enjoy watching action movies (with popcorn, of course), travelling abroad, and catching up on recreational medical reading. You are always welcome to e-mail me about any concerns or interests you have, whether biology related or otherwise! I have personal experience with classes and professors in the Division of Biological Sciences, so please ask any questions, and I will be more than happy to share some insights. I hope to help you maximize your potential while facilitating your passions and interests at Mizzou! I am excited to meet all of you!

young man with short cropped brown hair, glasses, in black polo shirtSam McNair

Year in School: Junior
Major: Biological Sciences and Religious Studies
Hometown: St. Louis, MO

As a kid, I moved around quite a bit. From these experiences, I have come to know the best catfish places from my time spent in Arkansas, how not to get frostbite from my time in Minnesota, and how to passionately root for your hometown teams in St. Louis, Missouri. All of these experiences shaped me into the guy I am. When visiting Mizzou, I knew it was the place for me. Not only is it filled with so many interesting people, but it is also a place for academic growth. As far as involvement on campus, I am the co-leader of Week of Prayer, and member of The Crossing Church, Veritas, Monday Night Worship, and Show-Me Scholars groups. After my undergraduate education, I plan on attending medical school to become a thoracic surgeon. This is my first year as a peer advisor, and I am super excited to get to meet all of you! Feel free to contact me and set up an appointment!

young woman with medium length blond hair in black polo shirtJenny McNamara

Year in School: Senior
Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Political Science
Hometown: Tustin, California

I am from sunny Tustin, California. When people ask me how I ended up here at Mizzou, I always tell them that I just fell in love with this school from the moment I saw it. I decided that I wanted to go into medicine when I was a junior in high school. Ideally, I would love to be a pediatric oncologist. I have always loved working with children. I currently volunteer at an after-school center for minority children in Columbia, and I have been a campus counselor for the past 5 years during the summer. One of the reasons that I am so in love with Mizzou is that I have had so many opportunities here that I don’t think I would have gotten elsewhere. I am currently a member of the Outreach Student Recruitment Team. We work with the Admissions Office to bring new students to Mizzou. I have also served as a member of the PHA/IFC non-Greek liaisons panel. We work toward improving Greek and non-Greek relations on Mizzou’s campus. I have also served as a middle school leader at the Crossing Church and volunteered at the Veterans Hospital. In addition to my extracurricular activities, I enjoy hiking, camping, and attending campus events with my friends. I absolutely love getting to know new students, so feel free to stop by and chat with me anytime.

A SethiAnmol Sethi

Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Biological Sciences
Minors: Psychology and Business
Hometown: Columbia, Missouri

Growing up in Columbia made my college decision a no brainer. Mizzou has always been home to me! Coming to campus is something us natives have always done, but to be here as a student is a completely different experience! The strong academics and opportunities Mizzou has to offer makes it a place for any student to thrive. I plan on attending dental school after graduation and then completing a residency to specialize in pediatrics! In addition to being a peer advisor I am involved in a number of organizations on campus. I am involved in undergraduate research, a member of Tiger Pantry, Tri-beta, Running Club and Little Sisters of the Gold Rose. Outside of school I love to run, hike, spend time with my friends and bake yummy treats. I am so excited to be a peer advisor this year and I cannot wait to meet all of you! Come by if you have any questions or if you just want to talk, I really want to help you in any way I can!

A. StarksAllie Starks

Year in School: Junior
Majors: Biological and Psychological Sciences
Minors: Spanish and Chemistry
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

I am from the cornfields of Omaha, NE, but I have many ties to the city of Columbia, MO. I was actually born in Columbia, MO and a lot of my family resides here but I moved to Omaha when I was 3 years old and I had been there ever since I came to college here at Mizzou. My friends and family encouraged me to become a cornhusker and go to the University of Nebraska Lincoln, but once I stepped foot onto Mizzou’s campus and got accepted into Marching Mizzou’s Color Guard I was dead set on making this school my home for the next four years. After my undergraduate years, I plan on going to medical school to pursue either dermatology or surgery. Aside from academics and my future career goals, I love being involved on campus. When I am not in the biology advising office I am leading workshops for the Undergraduate Success Program, leading the Marching Mizzou Color Guard (I am one of the captains this year!), planning meetings for the Minority Association of Pre-Health Students, or tutoring students in bio 1500, genetics and cell biology. Interacting with others is important to me and working with students is a passion of mine and that is the reason I decided to become a peer advisor! If you have any questions about biology classes, campus resources, how to get involved or anything else you are more than welcome to email me or make an appointment. I’m here to help!