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Advising Office

In the Division of Biological Sciences, undergraduate advising is student-centered and viewed as an integral part of the higher education process.

All biology students are assigned a Professional Advisor for their entire stay at Mizzou. Professional advisors focus broadly on what students can get out of their undergraduate degree. They are available to assist students in the following areas:

  • Course selection and registration
  • Deciding on a B.A. versus a B.S.
  • Discussion of minors or secondary majors
  • Building an academic portfolio
  • Integrating internships and Study Abroad into an academic plan
  • Careers in biology
  • Scholarship opportunities

Our team of Professional Advisors:

All freshman students are also assigned a Peer Advisor for their first two semesters at MU. These upper-level biology majors share a student perspective on a Mizzou education by providing valuable information about topics such as

  • Study skills
  • Choosing electives
  • Undergraduate research
  • Campus life
  • Volunteering
  • Job shadowing
  • Leadership opportunities
Image of our 2017 Peer Advisors

2017-2018 Peer Advisors

During their sophomore year, biology students may select a Faculty Mentor in their respective field of study. While also providing discipline-related perspective, the primary role of a faculty member is to mentor students on the research process and to provide students with insight on career options and applying for graduate or professional school.

The Undergraduate Advising Office is just one resource MU has to foster and aid students’ academic and social success. MU’s Learning Center provides support with everything from tutoring and group review sessions to help with writing papers and study skills. MU ORG (Organization Resource Group) encourages and supports campus and student involvement by providing a campus organization for everyone — academic, social, service, Greek, professional, religious, cultural, sports, and more. A full list of all advising and academic resources and student life is available for students from the MU website.

Located in Tucker Hall, Room 3, the Undergraduate Advising Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

For More Information

Carol Martin, Coordinator Student Services
Tucker Hall, Room 3
Phone: 573-882-4068

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