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Philip Jen

Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences
PhD, 1974 Washington University - St. Louis

Office: 209a Lefevre Hall
Phone: 573-882-7479
Headshot of Philip Jen


Research summary

Neurophysiology of hearing and echolocation in bats

Research description

The processing of auditory signals has traditionally been explained by excitatory and inhibitory interactions of divergent and convergent projections within the ascending auditory system. However, studies in the past few years have shown that the massive auditory corticofugal system, which is topographically organized as the ascending auditory system modulates and improves multiparametric subcortical signal processing.

Our recent studies have shown that GABAergic inhibition plays an important role in the ascending and descending subcortical signal processing. The main research interest in my laboratory is to study signal processing in the ascending and descending auditory system using bats as the mammalian model system.

The main research projects in my laboratory are (1) Corticofugal modulation of central auditory signal processing in multiparametric domains in echolocating bats, (2) duration, amplitude, and frequency selectivity in bat midbrain auditory neurons. These two projects will find the answers for the following questions. (1) How does the corticofugal system perform specific and systematic modulation of subcortical signal processing in multiparametric domains? (2) The adaptive value of duration selectivity in bat echolocation.

Select Publications

Select Publications

Fu, Z., Xu, N., Zhang, G., Zhou, D., Liu, L., Tang, J., Jen, P.H.-S., Chen, Q. Evoked potential study of the inferior collicular response to constant frequency-frequency modulation (CF-FM) sounds in FM and CF-FM bats (2019) Journal of Comparative Physiology A: Neuroethology, Sensory, Neural, and Behavioral Physiology, .DOI: 10.1007/s00359-019-01326-4

Wang, X., Cheng, Y.-L., Yang, D.-D., Si, W.-J., Jen, P.H.-S., Yang, C.-H., Chen, Q.-C. Focal electrical stimulation of dorsal nucleus of the lateral lemniscus modulates auditory response properties of inferior collicular neurons in the albino mouse (2019) Hearing Research, 377, pp. 292-306. DOI: 10.1016/j.heares.2019.01.024

Wang, H., Shen, S., Zheng, T., Bi, L., Li, B., Wang, X., Yang, Y., Jen, P.H.-S. The Role of the Dorsal Nucleus of the Lateral Lemniscus in Shaping the Auditory Response Properties of the Central Nucleus of the Inferior Collicular Neurons in the Albino Mouse (2018) Neuroscience, 390, pp. 30-45. DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2018.08.015

Lin, C.-L., Hsiao, C.-J., Hsu, C.-H., Wang, S.-E., Jen, P.H.-S., Wu, C.-H. Hypothermic neuroprotections in the brain of an echolocation bat, Hipposideros terasensis (2017) NeuroReport, 28 (15), pp. 956-962.

Hsiao, C.-J., Hsu, C.-H., Lin, C.-L., Wu, C.-H., Jen, P.H.-S. Comparisons of MRI images, and auditory-related and vocal-related protein expressions in the brain of echolocation bats and rodents (2016) NeuroReport, 27 (12), pp. 923-928.

Hsiao CJ, Jen PHS, Wu CH: The cochlear size of bats and rodents derived from MRI images and histology. NeuroReport 2015, 26(8):478-482.

Jen PHS, Wu CH: Echo amplitude sensitivity of bat auditory neurons improves with decreasing pulse-Echo gap. NeuroReport 2015, 26(1):38-43.

Fu ZY, Xu N, Wang J, Tang J, Jen PHS, Chen QC: The role of the FM component in shaping the number of impulses and response latency of inferior collicular neurons of Hipposideros armiger elicited by CF-FM sounds. Neuroscience Letters 2014, 576:97-101.

Cheng L, Mei HX, Tang J, Fu ZY, Jen PHS, Chen QC: Bilateral collicular interaction: Modulation of auditory signal processing in frequency domain. Neuroscience 2013, 235:27-39.

Fu ZY, Mei HX, Cheng L, Bai J, Tang J, Jen PHS, Chen QC: Local neuronal circuits that may shape the discharge patterns of inferior collicular neurons. Neuroscience Bulletin 2013, 29(5):541-552.

Mei HX, Cheng L, Tang J, Fu ZY, Wang X, Jen PHS, Chen QC: Bilateral collicular interaction: Modulation of auditory signal processing in amplitude domain. PLoS ONE 2012, 7(7).

Jen PHS, Wu CH, Wang X: Dynamic temporal signal processing in the inferior colliculus of echolocating bats. Frontiers in Neural Circuits 2012(MAY2012):1-9.

Jen PHS: The adaptive value of increasing pulse repetition rate during hunting by echolocating bats. Frontiers in Biology 2013, 8(2):198-215.

Mei HX, Cheng L, Tang J, Fu ZY, Jen PHS, Chen QC: Modulation of amplitude sensitivity by bilateral collicular interaction among different frequency laminae. Neuroscience Letters 2012, 517(1):13-17.

Wu, F. J., Chen, Q. C., Jen, P. H-S. and Shen, J. X (2012) Role of frequency band integration in sharpening frequency tunings of the inferior colliculus neurons in the big brown bat, Eptesicus fuscus. Chinese Sciences Bulletin 49 (10) 1026-1031.

Honors & Awards

Selected honors and awards

Elected Fellow - AAAS 2001