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Academy of Science of St. Louis honors James A. Birchler

Jan. 12, 2016

James A. Birchler

James A. Birchler, Curators Professor of Biological Sciences

James A. Birchler, Curators Professor of Biological Sciences in the College of Arts and Science, has received a 2016 Fellows Award from the Academy of Science of St. Louis.

The award recognizes a distinguished individual for outstanding achievement in science. By receiving the award, Dr. Birchler is also deemed a Fellow of the Academy, a prestigious group that includes several St. Louis based members of the National Academies of Science.

Dr. Birchler is recognized world-wide for his experimental and theoretical contributions to genetic studies of both maize and Drosophila systems. His studies have provided insight into gene silencing, centromere epigenetics, heterosis, dosage compensation, aneuploid syndromes, and the evolutionary fate of gene duplications. Birchler also is recognized for developing the first engineered synthetic plant chromosomes, for which he holds several patents. The technology promises to have profound implications for 21st century food and energy issues by providing a vehicle for introducing multiple genes into plants that confer beneficial traits (resistance to pests and drought, improve nutritional value, and enhance yield, etc.) that can be stably inherited. Birchler has over 250 scientific articles, invited reviews and chapters.

The Academy will present the award to Dr. Birchler at its 2016 Outstanding St. Louis Scientists Award Dinner held on April 7, 2016, in St. Louis.

The awards represent recognition by St. Louis’ scientific community, the Academy’s Board of Trustees and members of the Academy of Science-St. Louis.

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